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Learn How Concrete Swimming Pools Are Superior To Fiberglass Swimming Pools With Carolina Pool Consultants

Just what makes a concrete swimming pool superior to a fiberglass swimming pool? Carolina Pool Consultants has the answers to all of your pool building questions and more. Need finance for your next pool build? Be sure to reach out to our friends at Lyon’s Bank for new pool financing!

When deciding on what kind of pool you and your family want, understanding the differences between fiberglass pools and concrete pools can go a long way towards helping your family make the right financial decision.

Fiberglass pools are created from pre-formed molds, limited both in design and size. After the fiberglass frame is molded, it’s shipped to homes and can develop warps in the frame during transit that may not be apparent until the pool is set into the ground. A pre-molded fiberglass shell is sensitive to shifts in the sand backfill that’s used to set it into the ground; a heavy storm could shift said backfill, leading to cracks and fractures within the frame.

Concrete pools on the other hand are extremely durable; reinforced by rebar, concrete pools are poured on the spot, allowing our Carolina Pool Consultants staff to incorporate any custom feature you can possibly imagine. Have you ever dreamed of custom steps and water features that gently cascade into the pool? Concrete pool designs and size are limited only by imagination itself.

What does your dream pool look like? Our CPC Pool building team works side by side with homeowners to ensure their dream pool becomes a reality. Due to the material construction fiberglass pools are put through, fiberglass pool owners may find they spend more time making repairs and replacements on their pool, than in and enjoying it.

Learn more, and discover all the aspects that makes a concrete swimming pool superior to a fiberglass pool by contacting our CPC Pools team today.