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Get The Facts: Differences Between Concrete Swimming Pools And Vinyl Swimming Pools With Carolina Pool Consultants

When deciding on what kind of pool to build, get the facts first: Carolina Pool Consultants provides a concrete comparison of concrete swimming pools and vinyl swimming pools. Understanding the difference between the two can save your family thousands to tens of thousands of dollars down the line.

What are vinyl swimming pools? Vinyl pools have a vinyl liner, which does cost less to construct than concrete pools, and is non-porous. This vinyl liner has an average lifespan of 3-8 years; afterwards it must be replaced. Including water, vinyl replacement costs average around $4000 each.

If you plan to stay on your property for any period of time, expect these recurring expenses to crop up, above and beyond any repair or maintenance costs. Even if you plan to sell your home, a vinyl pool can lower the resale value of your home, with potential homeowners knowing they’ll be faced with the same recurring costs.

Concrete swimming pools on the other hand are extremely durable, poured on the spot and reinforced with rebar for added sustainability. Any custom option that you could possibly imagine, from custom water features, rock formations, hot tubs and more are available to concrete pool owners. Simply put, these options are closed to vinyl pool owners due to the nature of material involved.

When you’re looking for a truly concrete comparison of concrete swimming pools and vinyl pools, reach out to our staff at CPC Pools today. Our friends at Lyons Bank provide new pool financing should you need; get the facts on concrete pools vs vinyl pools and bring your dream pool to life by speaking with Carolina Pool Consultants.