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Concrete Swimming Pools Vs Fiberglass Swimming Pools, Which One Is Better? CPC Pools Has Pool Buying Answers

What’s better, an inground concrete swimming pool or fiberglass swimming pool? At Carolina Pool Consultants we run into this question all the time, and knowing the differences can help save your family gobs of money in the long run. Below we’ll break down what it all comes down to for homeowners; cost and customization.

Fiberglass pools: Cost and Customization
When comparing fiberglass pools vs concrete pools, knowing how each is constructed is ultimately what may determine homeowner’s choice.

Fiberglass swimming pools are casted from preset molds, limited both in size and design due to the restrictions of said mold. As the fiberglass pool is cast, custom options such as hot tubs and custom steps are eliminated due to aforesaid restrictions. Fiberglass pools have been recorded as developing warps during transit and even when setting into the ground, which may not be apparent until the pool is seated. Further expenses can crop up after heavy storms shift the sand backfill used to secure fiberglass pools, leading to bulges and expensive repair bills.

Concrete pools: Cost and Customization
While it’s true that fiberglass pools have a slightly lower entry cost than concrete swimming pools, homeowners without fail find concrete pools compared to fiberglass pools to be a better long term investment.

Concrete swimming pools are poured on the spot, reinforced with rebar and can be designed to any size and shape homeowners can possibly envision. Custom options such as shelf-seats, rock formations, gently cascading water features and more are completely available to homeowners should they choose to build a concrete pool. Furthermore, concrete pools are exceptionally durable and have very little to no repair or maintenance requirements.

Give a call to Carolina Pool Consultants today for a concrete comparison of fiberglass swimming pools vs concrete swimming pools- we’ll help your family save, and give them every customization option they could dream of with a concrete pool.