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Comparing A Concrete Swimming Pool To A Vinyl Swimming Pool: Which One Is Better?

Deciding which swimming pool is better, a concrete swimming pool or vinyl swimming pool is a question Carolina pool Consultants has been answering for years. We’ve built a strong foundation within our community, and look forward to serving you in building a new inground concrete swimming pool.

Vinyl pools without a doubt have a lower entry cost, but when comparing vinyl swimming pools vs concrete swimming pools you have to look at all the facts. Vinyl pool liners are notorious for needing repairs and replacement; in fact, when homeowners purchase a vinyl pool they’re signing up for recurring expenses in the form of vinyl liner replacements.

You see, vinyl pool liners have an average lifespan of 3-8 years with an average replacement cost of $4000; if your family intends to stay on your property for any period of time these expenses can quickly add up. Even if you plan to sell, a vinyl pool can decrease property value as potential buyers know they’ll be lumbered with the same recurring costs.

Whereas a vinyl liner can be punctured by children, pets, overhanging branches and the very tools used to clean them, in comparison concrete pools are exceedingly durable. Rebar is used to reinforce concrete pools, which are poured on the spot to any size and design imaginable.

When comparing concrete pools vs vinyl pools, knowledge is certainly power- as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for and that certainly is the case with concrete pools. Save your family money and make sure you’re investing wisely; reach out to CPC Pools today for a concrete comparison of concrete pools vs vinyl pools.