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BiTech Medical Presents Preventative Care Medical Equipment Repair Plans For Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities encourage preventative care for their patients, why not their medical devices as well? BiTech Medical Corp’s medical device repair plans can do exactly that, with preventative maintenance to ensure cutting edge medical technology is in top condition when  it’s needed most.

Our medical device repair technicians highly trained certified technicians, their talents extend throughout that nation. Just as many practitioners prescribe regular checkups, our repair technicians will be in house with our medical device repair plans to triage issues that may arise, while performing preventative maintenance to help ensure it’s not needed.

If your healthcare facility is within the southeastern region of the United States, our medical equipment repair technicians can be  on site with just a call; our version of a walk in clinic. BiTech Medical Corp is located in Atlanta Georgia; if you’re in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, our medical equipment repair technicians can be onsite with a simple call.

Looking to upgrade your healthcare facility? Just as our medical device repair plans can be customized per your needs, so too can our medical equipment sales plans; whether it’s lab supplies, surgical supplies or a full network infrastructure revamp, BiTech Medical takes care of all your medical device needs.