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CBD Unlimited's Certified Hemp CBD Oils And Isolates May Be The Next Step in Combating The Opiate Epidemic

Independent research has continued to compile a wide range of medicinal benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD); certified hemp CBD oils and CBD isolates from CBD Unlimited may be the next step forward in combating the opiate epidemic.  

With national attention upon prescription opiate providers and the associated addictions and deaths surrounding prescription opiates, research has been conducted into both combating said addiction, along with viable alternatives. CBD has been clinically proven to provide the same pain management potential as many opiates, without creating any associated side effects of its own.

Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of cannabidiol is the fact that little to no side effects have been recorded (even when taken in large quantities): if dry mouth and slight nausea have been recorded to occur from taking CBD, these side effects have been traced back to impurities found within the hemp by which the CBD was derived.

It is to this end CBD Unlimited uses nothing but 100% certified pure hemp in the production of its industrial hemp CBD oils and isolates; tested thoroughly by third party laboratories, these tests help to ensure customers maintain the purest and most potent CBD experience possible.

Acting as an agent of homeostasis within the body, cannabidiol has been shown to mitigate migraines & anxiety, eliminate inflammation outbreaks of any kind, even shorten traditional healing times. Potential medicinal benefits of CBD continue to be found, and can provide a natural alternative to prescription opiates.

Speak with our representatives of CBD Unlimited, we look forward to speaking with you about the potential medicinal benefits of cannabidiol. If you know someone afflicted by opiate addiction, please reach out to our staff today, and learn more about our industrial hemp CBD isolates