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Knowledge Is Power: Concrete Pools Vs Vinyl Pools, What Are The True Consumer Costs? Carolina Pool Consultants Answers These Questions And More

Knowledge is power, and consumer knowledge over products can help families make the right financial investment when deciding between concrete swimming pools vs vinyl swimming pools. Carolina Pool Consultants provides our community with top grade pool building knowledge, and how a concrete pool will actually help them save over a vinyl pool installation.

Breaking down a concrete comparison of vinyl pools compared with concrete pools comes down to two aspects: cost and customization. Vinyl pools do have a lower entry cost, but their ongoing fees and lack of overall customization options create higher demand for concrete pools than vinyl pools.

Vinyl pools have recurring costs associated with them due to their vinyl liner: every 3-8 years the vinyl liner must be replaced, with an average cost of $4000 including water replacement. This actually creates a hidden cost, in the form of decreased home values, as potential home buyers look at these costs that they would be lumbered with, detracting overall from the final evaluation. Add to this repair bills that crop up should children, pets, overhanging branches or pool cleaning equipment puncture the vinyl lining, and vinyl pool costs quickly overtake concrete pool expenses.

When submitting concrete pools compared to vinyl pools, to our Carolina Pool Consultants there is no question when considering which to build; reinforced with rebar, concrete is poured on the spot and can be customized to any shape and design you can possibly imagine.

Have you ever dreamed of a truly one of a kind backyard retreat? Concrete pools can provide this: with custom rock formations, water features, additions such as hot tubs and sun-shelves, a beach styled entrance and more, any custom option you could possibly imagine is available to concrete pool owners.

Reach out to Carolina Pool Consultants today to discover the true differences in the vinyl pools vs concrete pools debate. Our South Carolina based concrete pool builders will provide you and your family a solid foundational knowledge with powerful recommendations so you can shop with confidence when deciding to invest in a new pool.