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Superior Pool Builders Carolina Pool Consultants Discuss Concrete Pools Compared To Fiberglass Pools: What's The Difference?

Mooresville inground concrete swimming pool builder Carolina Pool Consultants breaks down the differences when comparing concrete swimming pools vs fiberglass swimming pools. Understanding each pool can help homeowners make the best decisions in their family and financial interests.

Just what are the differences between a concrete pool compared to a fiberglass pool? It starts with the construction itself.

Fiberglass pools are created from preset molds which immediately limit both the custom options and scope of the pool due to the limits of the mold itself. As the pool ships from manufacturer to home, the fiberglass pool frame can develop warps that may not be apparent until the pool is set into the ground.

Fiberglass pools are secured with a sand backfill, but this brings problems of its own; a sand backfill can shift and erode during heavy storms, leading to bulges and hairline fissures within the fiberglass frame. All and all, our pool techs have found that fiberglass pool owners more often than not end up spending more time paying for their pool, than enjoying it.

Concrete pools are poured on the spot, and reinforced with rebar for a solid foundation that will last as long as the very family memories you make therein. As concrete is poured on the spot, any size and design you can possibly imagine can be integrated for a truly one of a kind pool.

When comparing fiberglass pools vs concrete pools, there really is no comparison. Concrete pools give homeowners the option to incorporate beautiful steps, hot tub additions, custom water features, sun shelves and more, with designs perfectly suited to match existing décor.

Speak with CPC Pools today for a truly one of a kind pool unlike any other, our Mooresville inground concrete swimming pool builders help homeowners with a concrete comparison of fiberglass pools vs concrete pools. Give our staff a call today to learn more, and discover how our friends at Lyon’s Bank can provide your family with new pool financing.