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Concrete Pools vs. Vinyl Liner Pools Which is a better Pool?

Which is a better pool: concrete pools vs vinyl liner pools? Carolina Pool Consultants have been answering these questions and more throughout the years, helping homeowners make informed decisions about the future of their backyard retreat and home value. Reach out to CPC Pools today for a superior pool builder, and help with new pool financing through our friends at Lyon’s Bank!

To understand the differences between each pool type, we have to understand how they’re made: concrete pools are poured right on the spot, and reinforced with rebar, whereas vinyl pools incorporate a thin vinyl liner, that makes their entry cost the lowest among any type of pool.

This however is where the costs diverge, as vinyl pools have perhaps the highest average cost of any pool throughout their lifetime. Vinyl pool liners incur recurring costs, and must be replaced every 3-8 years, with an average replacement cost (including water replacement) averaging around $4000.

These costs quickly add up, and only represent a small portion of vinyl pools associated costs. Potential buyers look at the same recurring costs they’ll be lumbered with should they purchase a home with a vinyl pool: this can drastically devalue a home in the eyes of a potential buyer. Vinyl pools are known to receive punctures from the very tools used to clean them, raising regular maintenance costs far above other pool variants making the concrete pool vs vinyl liner pool question obvious.

If you’re truly looking for the best cost and the most customization options, a concrete pool is the only way to go, providing the best return on investment and endless customization options. Homeowners debating on concrete pools vs vinyl liner pools can speak with our staff at CPC Pools for a concrete understanding of the two pool variants, and a beautiful backyard paradise with the help of our new pool builders.