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Fiberglass Swimming Pools vs Concrete Swimming Pools Which is a better Pool?

When comparing a fiberglass swimming pool vs a concrete swimming pool, homeowners look for the best cost, and the most customization. Carolina Pool Consultants will help your family gain a concrete understanding through comparison of the two pool types, then bring your custom dream pool to life. Speak with our staff today for a solid comparison of the two pool types, a superior pool build and new pool financing through our friends at Lyon’s Bank!

Just how is a fiberglass pool built? Understanding the basics can help you understand just why fiberglass will end up costing homeowners by far more over the lifespan of the pool.

Casted from preset molds, fiberglass pools are severely limited from their offset in both design and customization options. Fiberglass pools are slightly less expensive to build than concrete pools initially, however costs quickly rise when repairs are taken into consideration, and can determine the concrete pools vs fiberglass pool debate for you.

Fiberglass pools can develop warps in transit from the manufacturer to your home, which may not be discernible until the pool is set into the ground. Fiberglass layers flake off into the pool through general usage and must be repaired; these maintenance costs go above and beyond the repair costs required if the sand backfill that secures the pool shifts during a heavy storm. Bulges and hairline fissures can appear if said sand backfill shifts due to general erosion from a heavy storm.

Concrete pools are poured right on the spot, and reinforced with rebar, giving them the structural integrity to weather anything that nature and your family can throw at it. Furthermore, as each pool build is unique, we can pour your pool to any design you can possibly imagine.

Have you ever dreamed of your own custom steps, a beautiful hot tub and gorgeous water features? Concrete pools can provide all of these, with lower costs, making the fiberglass swimming pool vs concrete swimming pool debate a moot point. Speak with our custom pool builders to discover all of the benefits a concrete pool provides over a fiberglass pool, and build out your dream pool today.