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Vinyl Liner Pools Vs Concrete Swimming Pools, Which Is A Better Pool?

Carolina Pool Consultants are the superior pool builder in Mooresville NC- have you ever asked about vinyl liner pools vs concrete pools? For years our talented staff have been answering your most sought after questions, providing concrete answers and solutions to your needs. Discover how a concrete pool can actually be a better financial decision than a vinyl pool by speaking with our staff today.

Vinyl pools do have a lower entry cost, this cannot be denied. Through time vinyl pools costs however far overshadow the price a concrete pool could come to through recurring costs, hidden fees and high maintenance expenses.

Main expenses for a vinyl pool come from the vinyl liner itself- you see every 3-8 years the liner must be replaced, with an average cost of $4000 each. This recurring cost quickly adds up, and can even devalue a home in the eyes of a potential buyer down the road as they assess the increased burden of recurring cost.

Vinyl pool liners can be punctured by the very tools used to clean them, not to mention children, pets and overhanging branches. We urge all of our customers to build a concrete pool when deciding between concrete pools vs vinyl pools simply due to the cost efficiency and the customization options.

You see concrete pools are poured right on the spot and reinforced with rebar; this not only allows our pool builders to create any pool design and size you can possibly imagine, it creates a truly sturdy pool by which your family will make memories in for years to come.

Speak with our staff at Carolina Pool Consultants today for a truly one of a kind pool build- for a superior pool build, go with a concrete pool in the vinyl liner pool vs concrete swimming pool debate, it can save you a tremendous amount of money down the road. Reach out to our new pool builders today at CPC Pools and make your dream pool come to life!