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Reserve Your Findit Keyword URLs Today And Start Indexing In Organic Search Engines


How are you reaching your target and intended audiences? Are you paying for Google AdWords or promoting posts on Facebook? Are you placing advertisements on Instagram or relying on word of mouth and referrals? With more and more people using the web to find the goods and services that they need, it is more important than ever before to make sure you are showing up in search results under the keywords that align with your products or services.

Findit offers Keyword URLs that are within Findit, such as www.findit.com/hand-poured-candles or www.findit.com/Atlanta-Locksmith which can be geared towards any industry, product, service, or content that you want to start indexing under in search engines. Because Findit is an open platform that anyone can visit, search engines also have the ability to crawl every page on Findit and begin indexing the content found on Findit under search terms in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

This means that when you purchase your unique Findit Keyword URL or URLs such as www.findit.com/Atlanta-Coffee-House and start creating status updates within that URL, you will start to see your content index in outside search engines. This is extremely important for anyone looking to reach their target audiences that do not yet know of your name or business.

Consumers turn to Google and other search engines when they need to find something, like a product or service in which they do not have a referral for. It is great if you or your business is getting a lot of referrals, but what about the consumers that don’t know your name?

Many companies and people that offer services have names that have nothing do with the industry in which they are in (think Starbucks for coffee or Publix for groceries). While these are household names that everyone recognizes, companies and people with goods or services that are not as mainstream need the help of search engines to get their content and company name in front of more people. Would you rather run a Pay-Per-Click campaign or have your own content hosted in Findit that can be shared to over 80 other social sites and also indexes organically in outside search engines.

Start posting all of your content on Findit to get the most out of the time you spend on social media. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are closed to search engines - your content does not go further than the wall you post or tweet to. Moreover, only the people who are currently in your social network get to see the content you create. Join Findit so the people who want to find you can actually do so - call 404-443-3224 to reserve your unique Findit Keyword URLs for only $99 each per year.