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Huntersville NC Superior Concrete Pool Builder CPC Pools Asks Which Is Better: Vinyl Pools Vs Concrete Pools?

A superior concrete pool build starts with Carolina Pool Consultants- have you ever wondered which is better, vinyl pools vs concrete swimming pools? Speaking with our staff may be the best financial decision your family makes this year: we’ll answer all your pool building questions, including where to find new pool financing (hint: our friends at Lyon’s Bank)!

Determining which pool is right for you in many cases come down to cost and availability of custom options. Carolina Pool Consultants know that working with concrete will create less costs over time, while providing more custom options for homeowners.

Primary costs of a vinyl pool come from the vinyl liner itself: while vinyl pools have a lower initial investment cost, replacement and maintaining the vinyl liner ends up costing homeowners by far more than concrete ever could.

Looking for a Huntersville Superior concrete pool build? Our Carolina Pool Consultants crew will make sure you have each and every one of your questions answered when looking to build a new pool. Did you know that vinyl pool liners have an lifespan of roughly 3-8 years, with an average replacement cost of $4000? These costs can quickly sway homeowners minds, above and beyond any hidden fees and repairs!

Concrete pools actually add value to homes rather than decrease it: it’s true, homeowners look at the recurring costs they’ll have to shoulder with a vinyl pool, which creates disparities in asking prices should you decide to sell your property.

Make sure that you have a truly one of a kind backyard paradise, Carolina Pool Consultants is the superior concrete pool builder in Huntersville NC- when asking just which is better, concrete swimming pools vs vinyl swimming pools we believe there really only is one answer. Concrete pools are both a better financial investment, and offer homeowners the ability to truly make their dream pools a reality.