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Findit Offers Customized Marketing Solutions Tailored To General Contractors

Are you a general contractor in a specific location that provides a full suite of home remodeling services like kitchen renovations, bathroom remodeling, home additions or even structural repairs? General contractors that partner with Findit for their marketing campaign get a customized marketing package specific to their industry!

Findit is an open platform that anyone can visit which also means search engines can crawl all the content posted on the platform. Findit provides content creation marketing packages as well as socially distributed press releases that help get your message in front of the right audiences.

When someone is in your area and they need kitchen remodeling, they will likely turn to the web if they do not already have a referral. Chances are, the name of your company is not “kitchen remodeling Savannah” which is most likely to be what a person will search if they need their kitchen remodeled in Savannah. This means that unless you have content on the web regarding “kitchen remodeling” in “Savannah” and that your website is SEO’ed appropriately, you may not show up in search results.

Findit can help you get unsolicited business from the web through organic search results. You see, every piece of content you create on Findit has the ability to get indexed by outside search engines. When you partner with us for your marketing needs, our publishers help create content geared around what you do - everything from kitchen and bath remodeling to home additions and structural repairs and geo target your services in the specific area or areas that you provide them in.

What makes Findit even more powerful for general contractors is that visitors of Findit can share the content they see on your pages to their own existing social networks, helping spread your message further and further. Don’t rely on people already following you on closed social networks to be found - add Findit to your marketing portfolio to increase your presence on the web.

Findit offers customized marketing packages for general contractors across the US. For more information please call 404-443-3224 or email info@findit.com.