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Findit Prime Helps Members Of Findit Get Their Content Shared In More Places

Members that are using Findit as the starting point for all their social media status updates and then sharing those same posts to their other social networks are already getting the benefit of increased exposure, more engagement, and further reach on social and outside search engines. However, you can take your social status updates even further by subscribing to Findit Prime!

Findit Prime is an annual subscription that costs $99 and includes: 1 vanity keyword URL, 1 promoted post, 4 socially distributed press releases and unlimited URL submission into Findit search. We then share your press releases and promoted post to your target audience through relevant # tags and @ people. Prime is a suite of paid for services that Findit offers that when priced separately come to $514.00.

Prime is great for everyone that wants more social engagement and further reach on their status updates. Because Findit is an open platform, anyone can visit Findit and share your status updates to their respective social sites. But with Prime, we share your content too, helping push your content to your target audience, rather than you hoping they see your content solely on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or your other social sites.

Using Findit as the starting place for your social status updates and then sharing your content to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn doesn’t take you any longer, in fact it saves you time by eliminating the need to create the same status update twice (or multiple times). Now for those of you who use Hootsuite to do that for you, understand this very important difference - Hootsuite is not a social network, it merely helps you manage the content that you have going out on various sites. This means that you do not get the benefit of organic indexing and increased engagement by using Hootsuite instead of Findit!

Subscribe to Findit Prime today to get the most benefit out of the time you spend on social media. Prime makes it easy to take your content even further and get your message in front of the right people. Call us today at 404-443-3224 or sign up today by going to www.findit.com/prime.