Cincinnati 4/3/2018 7:09:18 PM
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ABC’s The View Changes Its View for the Better

Joy Behar, host of the very popular ABC TV Show, The View, when referring to Vice President Mike Pence, said, “Like I said before, it’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you. That’s called mental illness, if I’m not correct. Hearing voices.”

Joy’s anti-Christian humor did not sit well with the Vice President nor the millions of Americans whose Christian faith is based on a relationship with Jesus.

Mr Pence publicly spoke out against the comments of The View’s Ms. Behar and defended the faith of tens of millions of American Christians against her slander.

Media Research Center, America’s Media Watchdog, was not pleased with Ms. Behar’s bigoted comments either. MRC decided to take action and defend the Christian Community.  

Media Research Center launched a public campaign against The View pressuring its advertisers to pull support for the show until a formal apology was made for the host’s caustic comments. Comments that she had made on the February 13th day time show.

With the efforts of MRC more than 40,000 calls were made to ABC and to The View’s advertisers alerting them to the comments and asking for an apology.

This resulted in intense pressure on the network to not brush her comments under the mat and prompted a private apology to the Vice President and a public apology from The View host.

It appears the media is very much against a faith based person. The constant mocking by the media seems to never be challenged.

Had it not been for the vigilant screening of the media by MRC this would have been another unchallenged example.

However MRC is standing up to these media bullies when they factually distort issues and events. Media Research Center is calling them out publically when it sees their hypocrisy.

Perhaps the efforts of the MRC will bring fairness back into the media and chip away at the faith based bigotry and begin to minimize these disparaging comments.

Congratulations to Media Research Center for standing up to ABC and The View and defending Christians for their beliefs.

Certainly, hats off to Joy Behar of The View for her private apology to our Vice President and to her public apology on her show.

Her change in stance from “no apology” to “apology” changes her view on The View for the better.

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