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Phil Noble Democratic Candidate For Governor of South Carolina in 2018 Selects Findit Inc To Assist on Social Media

South Carolina Gubernatorial Democratic Candidate Phil Noble has announced that he is running for Governor in 2018. In an effort to increase Phil's brand awareness, Phil Noble has selected Findit Inc, owner of Findit.com, to aid in increasing his online social media and web presence through various social networking sites to reach the maximum amount of people possible in the state of South Carolina so that more people are aware of who Phil Noble is and what he will fight for as Governor of South Carolina. 
With more and more people using social media to get their news, it is extremely important that in today's political elections, candidates use social media to reach their target voters. Findit's goal as part of managing Phil Noble's online social mediate campaign is to build Phil Noble's name recognition, which will be done through the creation of relevant status updated derived from Phil's position on guns, the NRA, the South Carolina Utility scandal, education and basic human rights residents of South Carolina ought to have access to.
Clark St. Amant of Findit, Inc. stated "With Findit, Phil Noble is able to control his brand and image directly where voters are, on social media. Because Findit is an open social network that anyone can visit, regardless of whether or not they are members themselves, anyone wanting to share Phil Noble's content to their social networking accounts can do so simply by clicking on the Sharethis buttons. This will enable Phil Noble to reach a larger audience of voters in South Carolina through Findit's ability to engage with other platforms. By posting in Findit and sharing the post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + and other social sites, Phil will be seen by more voters that can share and interact with the candidate. 
We want more people to hear what Phil Noble is planning to do for South Carolina and to go out and vote. By increasing Phil's online presence through a variety of social channels and originating content on Findit, Phil Noble will have more visibility on the web. This strategy will empower Phil to reach more people, including voters that can pass on his message to their friends and followers."
Since starting the Noble marketing campaign with Findit, his traffic ranking to his site,www.philnoble2018.com, is up nearly 3.65 million spots With more and more content coming out through Findit, we expect traffic to his site to continue and improve. (Source Alexa.com) 

Other candidates running for office can Join Findit free to manage their online marketing campaigns to reach more voters. Findit offers paid for services along with managed online marketing campaigns.

About Phil Noble:
Phil Noble is a business and technology consultant from Charleston. Over the past twenty-five years, his company, Phil Noble and Associates, has worked in more than 40 countries around the world, serving clients as diverse as the British Broadcasting Company (BBC), Time Warner Inc., the Bertelsmann Foundation.Here in South Carolina, Noble is the founder of three statewide nonprofit initiatives: The Palmetto Project, One Laptop Per Child South Carolina, and World Class Scholars, an online global student exchange program.Noble has also served on advisory boards at a number of colleges and universities including at Clemson, USC and the College of Charleston, and was a fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.In the realm of public policy, Noble served for many years as president of the SC New Democrats, an independent group that encourages young people and other community activists with ideas for political reform and common-sense solutions. He was also an early advisor to Barack Obama and was on his campaigns South Carolina Statewide Steering Committee.Also, for the past five years, Noble has written a weekly column for the SC Press Association and several business magazines about innovative economic, education and government policies and reforms.A Greenville native, Phil lives in Charleston with his wife of 35 years, Nancy Madden, of Laurens. They have two grown children, JP and Lizzie.
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About Findit, Inc.
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