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Scope Remastered The Best Of Mo Thugs Albums And Bone Thugs N Harmony Merch Exclusively From Layzie Gear

Layzie Gear is home to the hottest Bone Thugs N Harmony merchandise online- when you’re looking to cop a digitally remastered Best of Mo Thugs album set or are after that smooth flow on the Faces of Death, Layzie Gear.com is the only place to grab your favorite beats and bars online.

As the OFFICIAL home of BTNH merchandise online, all of the Bone Thugs snapback hats, shirts, albums and accessories are all sanctioned by Layzie Bone himself. From the iced out Harmony Howse pendants to high quality Mo Murda and Eternal shirts, Layzie Gear has the classic merch for true Bone Thugs fans to represent in style.

Pre-order NOW your special edition of the digitally remastered Best of Mo Thugs Vol 1 and 2- this classic album set has been studio remastered by Layzie Bone himself to drop the background noises and to have that smooth flow boosted.

Facts: bars straight from the Faces of Death debut album are what launched the Bone Thugs careers- Krayzie Bone spit a verse to Eazy E back in the day. Eazy vibed and now that same flow has also been remastered for you, thanks to Layzie Bone- find it exclusively through Layzie Gear.

All the true Bone Thugs N Harmony fans out there can cop official BTNH gear from Layzie Gear, all for a look that’s as lit as the Bone Thugs’ flow. Pass on the imitation merch, make sure you’re repping like a true G when you head over to Layzie Gear today.