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Start Your Superior Pool Installation In Lake Norman North Carolina With Carolina Pool Consultants

Start your superior pool installation today in Lake Norman, Carolina Pool Consultants will help your family save on new construction, and bring your dream pool to life. While the upfront price of a new pool may seem daunting, our experts will work with you and Lyon’s Bank for new pool financing, and even help you choose the pool type with the lowest lifelong costs.

While vinyl pools and fiberglass pools may have an initially lower entry cost than concrete pools, concrete not only has lower maintenance and repair fees than either of the two, it can also be customized to any shape and design you can possibly imagine. Many customers ask which is better, a concrete pool vs vinyl pool or fiberglass pool, and we're here to help you make the right decision. 

Vinyl pools have the lowest entry cost of any pool, but the highest lifelong costs- did you know every 3-8 years, vinyl pool owners must shell out around $4000 to replace the vinyl liner? These costs with repair fees, maintenance and hidden expenses added together lead to vinyl pools having a much higher cost vs concrete pools.

Fiberglass in many ways is the same story- Lake Norman homeowners looking for a superior pool installation invariably choose concrete over fiberglass for cost and customization reasons. Casted from a mold, fiberglass pools are immediately limited in design, and often develop warps or cracks that leave homeowners spending more time paying for them, than in and enjoying their pool.

Get the facts on new pool building before you break ground, our CPC Pool technicians are the superior pool builder family in the Carolina’s, and your home for new pool installation in Lake Norman. Our technicians take years of experience and cutting edge technology with them into each and every build, to ensure we’re making your dream pool a reality.