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North Charleston Auto Repair Shop Freedom Transmissions Plus Services All Foreign And Domestic Vehicles

Freedom Transmissions Plus is a full service auto repair shop located in North Charleston that works on all makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles. We service cars, trucks, coupes, and other types of vehicles and can help you with all of your vehicle repair and maintenance needs.

We provide the following services to vehicle owners in the Greater Charleston Area: brake repair and replacement, transmission rebuilds and replacement, engine tune ups and repairs, as well as manufacturer suggested service intervals. We help keep your car running at optimal efficiency so you can get more life out of your vehicle.

If you hear any weird sounds or noises, don’t assume that all is well with your vehicle. Often times, your vehicle is trying to tell you something. Fortunately, many newer vehicles will have dashboard lights to alert us when something is wrong, but if you drive an older model vehicle and you hear something in your engine compartment, when you brake, or if your steering wheel shakes, it may be time to have work performed to your car or truck.

Don’t put off service intervals and routine maintenance that your car needs - it will cost you more money in the long run by letting existing damage or problems worsen. Come to Freedom Transmissions Plus located at 3363 North American Street North Charleston, South Carolina 29418 for the best auto mechanic in Greater Charleston SC.  Schedule your appointment with us today by calling 843-225-2820.