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Take Advantage Of Preventative Care Medical Device Repair Agreements From BiTech Medical

Preventative care for patients is what every general practitioner preaches- why not take the same approach towards the medical equipment they rely upon? BiTech Medical provides ongoing care medical device repair agreements to ensure your healthcare facility’s medical equipment stays up to date, and in perfect condition for when you need it most.

BiTech Medical’s service agreements span the continental United States- maintaining your medical devices rather than having to constantly replace can save your business a tremendous cost down the line. Consecutive replacement costs can quickly eat into overhead, which could be better put towards facility growth.

If your healthcare facility resides within the southeastern corridor of the United States, our licensed medical equipment repair technicians can be in house for regular service calls.

From Florida, to Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, BiTech Medical’s repair technicians can be onsite within a day- any repairs outside of these states require a standard service agreement.

Treat your facility and the medical devices therein with the same respect that you treat patients- if you prescribe preventative care for continued patient health, ensure the health of your equipment is taken care of with a medical device repair agreement with BiTech Medical. Our plans can be fully customized to fit the unique needs of your facility. For years our family owned and operated company has constantly striven to increase the level of service we provide our clients, and we look forward to serving your healthcare facility.