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BusinessNET Provides Exceptional Lead Generation Services for Marketing Professionals

Incorporated in 2005, BusinessNET has been delivering top-notch online marketing and lead generation services for entrepreneurs and marketing professionals to improve their marketing results. BusinessNET is founded by Ben Simkin, a digital marketing professional who has a wide knowledge about the industry and generated more than a $1.45 billion increase in sales for clients over the last ten years.
When asked about his success, "Since day one BusinessNET has effected positive change in each client's life. The first company we helped skyrocketed from $35 million in sales to $300 million per year. Not long after that, new clients enjoyed increases of $5 to $10 million or more in the space of 6-12 months typically. Another defining moment in the BusinessNET story occurred in 2011 when a client signed up with BusinessNET and went from a $500,000 loss to $10 million in just 12 months," replied Ben Simkin, the CEO of BusinessNET.

Ben Simkin, an esteemed Australian entrepreneur, has successfully cracked the code surrounding Facebook ads and has generated over $1 billion in sales from Facebook ads alone.

He says, "One of the best approaches to creating the right strategy is to remember "T-O-M" it stands for Target- Offer- Message, or getting the right offer in front of the right target, articulated the right way. When we spend $500,000 on Facebook Ads in a 6-8 week campaign, we need to come out the other end with significant profit for ourselves, or when we work with a client, so we need to get it right before we make a single advertisement."

Initially, Ben Simkin lost a lot of money on Facebook Ads, but still, he kept going towards the path of success. He shares his view as, "Yes, I was initially losing money, but I still saw success. One week I would do very well and get a lot of leads and sales, but the next week I would see very little and basically go backward. Because of the successes I was seeing, I knew it had huge potential. I call it trial and error simply because I didn't quite know how to harness the potential at this point."

One of this happy clients commented, "Ben and his guys are exceptional at what they do. Ben's advice alone is worth its weight in gold. Genuine, motivated and result-driven!"

About BusinessNET:

Founded by Ben Simkin, BusinessNET has been providing top-notch online marketing and lead generation services to help you grow your business.