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Reach Out To Superior Mooresville Pool Builders Today For Concrete Pool Savings

Start your new pool construction today with the superior Mooresville concrete pool builder CPC Pools. Our Carolina Pool Consultants have spent years working within the community to bring your dream pool to life- learn all the benefits of purchasing a concrete pool vs a fiberglass pool today by reaching out to our staff.

Whether you’re in Mooresville or beyond, we serve all of North Carolina, building out absolutely beautiful custom pool creations- this is only really possible with concrete pools, with vinyl pools and fiberglass pools being limited in design simply due to how they’re constructed.

Fiberglass pools are formed from molds, which immediately limits custom options such as water features and hot tubs- once finished, these molds are loaded onto trucks and shipped to homes, wherein cracks have been known to form in the fiberglass finish.

These hairline fissures often aren’t noticeable until the fiberglass frame is set into the ground, at which point homeowners end up shelling out more money just to fix issues with the fiberglass shell that shouldn’t have arisen in the first place.

Concrete pools are poured on the spot, can be designed to any shape, and can include any feature that homeowners could possibly wish for. If you’ve dreamed of a custom beach styled entrance, with tasteful water features cascading from a rock formation hot tub, building a concrete pool rather than a fiberglass pool can make that dream a reality.

Our superior pool builders will work with you to determine all of your wants and desires, we’ll even show you the finished product before we break ground. Our CPC staff of Mooresville concrete pool builders work tirelessly with you and your family to make sure the finished product will be something to enjoy for years and summers to come. Reach out today to learn more, and begin your new pool construction.