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Freedom Transmissions Plus Provides The Best Car Tune Ups In North Charleston South Carolina

Summer is a time for celebration with friends, of relaxation beneath the sun, and of overheating vehicles- when you’re looking for the best car tune up in North Charleston, South Carolina, swing on by to Freedom Transmission Plus. For years we’ve taken cutting edge technology within the automotive industry, and combined it with our time honed talent to provide you the very best automotive repair service.

How’s that air conditioning of yours looking? Summer heat is the worst time of the year to go without car AC, especially if you’ve been out all day in the sun. Make sure that the air is blasting with a simple visit to our technicians, without busting a gasket because of high repair costs.

We’re not the only thing that overheats, our car engines can easily suffer from the same temperature induced malfunctions- even if your vehicle has a diesel engine in it, our highly trained and experienced North Charleston automotive technicians will fix up your family’s vehicle fast.

We’re proud to support our country’s veterans and active service members, and provide 10% off most of our services to our nation’s service members. Thank you for your dedication to our citizens and our nation.

Stop by Freedom Transmissions Plus for the best automotive engine repair in North Charleston SC, we service all makes and models of vehicles, both foreign and domestic. This summer if you notice your car making a funny noise, the AC just not blowing like it should, or your old car’s engine has a habit of overheating, stop on by Freedom Transmission Plus for a vehicle tune up today.

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