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Carolina Pool Consultants Is The Superior Cornelius Pool Builder In North Carolina

CPC Pools is the superior pool builder in Cornelius North Carolina, building beautiful concrete pool creations for families across the state! If you’ve ever wondered which is better, concrete pools or fiberglass pools, speaking with our staff can save your family a tremendous amount of time and money when building your next pool.

Many times families gravitate to fiberglass pools, simply because they have a lower entry cost than concrete pools- while this is true, over time fiberglass pool owners end up spending more time paying for their pool, than enjoying it.

Fiberglass pools are formed from molds that immediately severely limit design and any real custom options. Once formed, the fiberglass frame is shipped to customers home, wherein hairline cracks and fissures can develop- these cracks may not be perceived until the pools are set into the ground.

Heavy storms can actually shift the sand backfill used to secure fiberglass pools, leading to bulges and cracks within the fiberglass shell, leading to costly repairs and replacement bills. Our Cornelius superior pool builders always choose concrete when building pools, specifically for these reasons.

Not only are concrete pools extremely durable, since they’re poured onsite, any custom options homeowners could ever want can be implemented into the design- from custom water features, step options and sun shelfs, anything can be implemented into your own personal paradise.

Reach out to our Cornelius superior pool builders today for your next custom pool build, we’ll make sure that your dream pool becomes a reality. Our custom concrete pool builders are standing by, reach out today!