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Fiberglass Pools Vs Concrete Pools: Huntersville Superior Pool Builder CPC Pools Breaks Down Which Is Better

CPC Pools is the best Huntersville NC concrete pool builder within the region, and our custom pool builders can answer all of your pool related questions. Homeowners often approach us asking which is better: fiberglass pools or concrete pools? We resoundingly answer concrete, with more customization options and long term costs than any pool options out there.

As a member of the community, we work directly with homeowners to get a concrete understanding of their specific wants and desires, which our design team (and later builders) will bring to life right in front of your eyes. We also have strong partnerships with Lyon’s Bank, providing new pool financing options to Huntersville homeowners.

Fiberglass pools start their lives in a mold, which immediately limits the potential options available to homeowners. With the added necessity of transporting the fiberglass frame to homes, the fiberglass shell has often been known to develop hairline cracks and fissures that aren’t discernible until the pool is seated in the ground.

These hairline cracks can give way to costly repair bills, before homeowners even have a chance to enter their new pool! These issues can be complicated with heavy rain, as fiberglass pool frames can develop bulges as the sand backfill used to secure them shifts in place.

Huntersville homeowners building a custom concrete pool can mitigate all these issues with our team of superior pool builders; we’ll build your new concrete pool onsite and with any custom option you can possibly imagine.

Reach out to Carolina Pool Consultants today for a solid understanding of fiberglass pools vs concrete pools. We look forward to working with you and your family to turn your own backyard perfect paradise into a reality.