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Carolina Pool Consultants Is The Superior Lake Norman Pool Builder For Custom Pool Design

Speak with your superior Lake Norman pool builder this summer to bring your custom concrete pool dream to life. We believe that working with concrete rather than fiberglass can lead to more customization options and greater savings down the road, moreso than fiberglass could ever provide.

Concrete allows us to customize your own individual backyard paradise, complete with a beautiful beach style entrance, custom water features that cascade from an inset hot tub and sun seats to boot. Our custom pool designers will work closely with you to make your dream pool a reality.

Building a fiberglass pool eliminates all of these custom options, simply due to the nature of how the pool is made. Fiberglass pools are created from molds, which reduces their initial cost but massively increases risk of damage and cracking as the pool is transported from manufacturer to your home.

Any cracks developed on transit are often hairline fissures, which aren’t discernable until the pool is set into the ground. Furthermore, heavy storms can lead to bulges within the fiberglass shell as the sand backfill shifts through natural erosion.

All these issues can lead to fiberglass pool owners spending more time paying for their pool, than in and enjoying it. If you’ve ever asked which is better, concrete pools or fiberglass pools, we truly believe concrete is the answer.

Speak with our superior Lake Norman concrete pool builders today, we work tirelessly to ensure your dream pool becomes a reality. From conception through the final completion, we’ll be by your family’s side throughout the entire design process.