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Findit Continues to Innovate with the Upcoming Rollout for Podcasts and Interviews for Members

Findit, Inc., a Nevada Corporation and owner of Findit.com, will be launching its revamped version of Music in Findit.com. The new version will include a new front end interface as well as a new backend in which audio files are uploaded and labeled. 

The new Music section will be relabeled so it is not limited to just Music. It will enable all members to upload all types of Audio files. These audio files can include Podcasts, Interviews, and Discussions.

Findit provides a platform for its members to join for free and upload content into their Findit "site". The content can include pictures, video, news and press releases, audio and real estate. Members of Findit can use all of the different content verticals or none of them, it is completely up to each member.

Peter Tosto of Findit stated, "The rollout of the revamped Audio section is one of the several areas we are working on to provide members and visitors a much more cohesive experience when utilizing Findit from a member posting their content to a visitor viewing or listening to the content posted. We are in the process of revamping the Right Now Status Update section that we hope to launch later this month."

The revamp of Audio and the upcoming revamp of Right Now in Findit could increase time on site and page views per user based on how we have designed the new pages to look on mobile, along with members knowing they can upload Podcasts and interviews and that Audio on Findit is no longer limited to Music. 

Findit.com has had success producing tangible results for members posting content and sharing it socially to reach a wider audience through social engagement as well as organic indexing in search engines due to Findit being an open platform.

With interviews and podcasts now being able to be uploaded to a members Findit "site" and each member having the option of reserving their own Findit Vanity URL, it makes it much easier for someone who is looking for more listeners to brand their Findit site to their Vanity URL to provide fans with an easy to remember Findit address. For example a person who does Podcasts on finance could own a URL provided it is available on the topic they tend to cover. For example, www.findit.com/'yourretirement' could be a Vanity URL a member could own. Others can be sports related, political, fashion forward, legal, food and more. 

The benefits of setting up your Findit "site" are the following:

1. Findit content can be seen and shared by anyone
2. Findit content can be crawled by all search engines creating organic indexing in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
3. Findit provides every member the option of purchasing their own Unique Vanity URL address to market their brand and destination the same way they would a website at a fraction of the cost with tangible results.

In addition to the roll out of Findit Audio and the new Findit Right Now feed, Findit is developing two new versions of the Findit App. Right now, you can download the Findit App in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The two new versions will provide people the option of a simplified version that will give members the option of doing posts that can include some copy, pictures and a video. The other version will provide members the option to include in a post, in addition to pictures and video, news releases posted to Findit, their Audio files and the ability to schedule when the posts go live.

Findit does not sell your data unlike Facebook and other social sites; your data on Findit is not sold to third parties. Findit does run Google Adsense to improve indexing in Google by having them crawl the pages frequently to match the ads to the content posted. We believe this results in quicker and better placement in organic indexing. 

To set up your Findit "site" and start posting your Audio files visit Findit.com or download the App in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

Reserve your Findit Vanity URL at https://www.findit.com/Home/Keywords