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Antique Bar and Bakery Serves Up Hot Steaks And Delicious Cocktails At The Best Restaurant in Hoboken

Whether you are a resident of Hoboken New Jersey or Manhattan or visiting from out of state, Antique Bar and Bakery is serving up hot steaks and delicious drinks right here in the heart of Hoboken New Jersey. Our menu is full of fresh flavors and thanks to our 30 ton coal oven, you can expect all of your food to come out well prepared, hot, and full of flavor.

At Antique Bar and Bakery, we believe in doing things differently, serving hot delicious food made with fresh ingredients and a side of charm. Antique Bar and Bakery is great for a friends night out, family dinner, or solo where you can get to know our servers and bartender.

Not only do we serve some of the best steaks in Hoboken New Jersey, but we’ve got amazing salads and starters. From killer garlic bread and antique tomato toast to the hot oil shrimp and coal fired lava beans, we’ve got something for everyone on the menu. We love serving our customers the freshest foods using the best ingredients, and you will be able to taste the difference.

Our menu is written like a script and our food is the story. Come experience for yourself the difference our 30 ton coal oven makes. Our food is hot, our ingredients are fresh, and our atmosphere is welcoming, fun, and lively. See why Antique Bar and Bakery has become a favorite restaurant here in Hoboken, not just for the best steaks but also the camaraderie.