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Learn The Proper Use Of Evacuation Chairs With Benfield Fire Safety Ltd

Benfield Fire Safety Ltd (benfieldfire.co.uk) is delighted to inform the public that they are still offering evacuation chair training for all types of businesses. This is perfect for disabled, injured, or pregnant employees or visitors, those assigned to evacuate them, and for those who want to implement an efficient fire evacuation drill.

Benfield Fire Safety Ltd understands that in the case of a fire emergency, not everyone is capable of getting out of a building without help from others. And that is why they created a practical training programme that will teach employees how to help individuals who require assistance during such crisis. In fact, according to this training provider, “Using an evacuation chair can be nerve-wracking – both for the person in the chair and the one assisting. That’s why our course first builds confidence through practise with a life-like weighted mannequin before trainees experience what it’s like in the chair, practising evacuating one another”.

Through this training course from Benfield Fire Safety Ltd, trainees are expected to learn several important things about the use of evacuation chairs. These include the preparation of the device, the relocation of the evacuee to a safer area, as well as the conduction of regular safety checks on the chair. Participants will learn all of these and more through pair works and quizzes which will strengthen their fire safety knowledge. Employees will also undergo exercises that are designed to build their confidence to handle fire emergencies through first-hand experience.

Benfield Fire Safety Ltd’s experts came up with this course and will deliver it themselves. These individuals are certified by The Fire Prevention Association, The Institute of Fire Safety Managers, The Institution of Occupational Health and Safety, and The Institute of Fire Engineers. With these qualifications, interested parties can be sure that they will receive appropriate and high-quality evac chair training.

The course will last for two and a half hours and can be conducted on the client’s establishment at any time of the day if there are about eight to ten delegates. The course costs from £55 per person, however, Benfield Fire Safety Ltd reserves their right to change the price without prior notice.

Apart from the evacuation chair training, this company also has other products and services like fire safety equipment and fire risk assessment. For more information about their offers, please go to their official website: benfieldfire.co.uk.

About Benfield Fire Safety Ltd

Benfield Fire Safety Ltd is one of the trusted providers of fire safety training and fire risk assessment in the UK. This company aims to help businesses keep their team members well-informed about fire safety, so they know what to do in case of an emergency. For more details about the company’s products and services, you can visit their website at benfieldfire.co.uk. To speak with one of their representatives, please call 0300 303 3277. For your written enquiries and suggestions, send them an email at customerservice@benfieldFS.co.uk.