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DHEA Improves Bone Density and Cartilage

Osteoporosis causes 9 million bone fractures a year. In fact, one third of women over age 50 and 20% of men over age 50 will have a bone fracture this year.

According to research done by Dr. Edward Weise at Saint Louis University’s Doisy College of Health Sciences, taking a DHEA supplement when calcium and vitamin D levels are maintained at normal levels allows improvements in spinal bone density. 

Dr. Weise says “In addition to its beneficial effects on bone, DHEA replacement may have other benefits including improvements in risk factors for diabetes and heart disease, improvements in immune function, and improvements in psychological health,”

In another study published by Catherine Jankowski, Gozasky, Schwartz, et al, administration of DHEA to elderly individuals with low DHEA-S levels improved hip Bone Marrow Density (BMD) in men and women and lumbar BMD in women. The study involved 70 women and 70 men (60-88 years).

Consequently, correcting DHEA deficiency might help prevent osteoporosis fractures.

A link to the article by Dr. Jankowski, et al entitled “Effects of Dehydroepiandrosterone Replacement Therapy on Bone Mineral Density in Older Adults: A randomized controlled trial” from the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism is provided here


In humans DHEA levels peak at approximately 25 years of age and decline rapidly and markedly after age 25. DHEA is a base building block for more than 50 hormones. DHEA is “the mother of all hormones”

DHEA production typically peaks by age 25 and as time passes those levels drop at about 2% every year so that by age 70 we only make 10% of the DHEA we made at age 25 resulting in what we associate with age – decreases in hormones cause decreased energy, reduced motivation, less sexual drive, loss of muscle, increased fat, loss of skin integrity and hydration, depression and more.

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