NYC 7/18/2018 10:26:55 PM
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Gulf Coast Group Johnny John & The Schemin' Dreamers Release Debut Powerhouse AOR EP

The new release, Let There Be Drums! from brand new Gulf Coast recording project Johnny John and the Schemin' Dreamers proudly goes against the music trends of modernity.

The brainchild of drummer Johnny Harrelson, featuring Florida guitarist Joe Pizzolato, bassist Adrian Howland, keyboardist Cody Collum and veteran Organist Red Young (Eric Burdon, Linda Ronstadt, Freddy Fender); Engineered by Rick Hirsch (Wet Willie, Greg Allman, Bonnie Bramlett), Mixed and Mastered by Jack Miele (Blues Traveler, John Oates); Let There Be Drums! is an exhibition of progressive musicianship.

Fans of Gary Moore, Cozy Powell, Frank Marino, and Jeff Beck will certainly enjoy this record.

The burning question for such a release is why? Drummer-Producer Johnny Harrelson states that:

"Initially I wanted to put something out that said this kind of music is still viable and worth doing. I wanted this to be a testament to the musicianship of the era.

Yet, there are many other reasons too. It was worth letting everyone know that there are some good young players here on the Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast. We were very privileged to have Rick Hirsch agree to engineer it. His insights from the era we touched on were primary. He is a primary source! We were very excited to work with him.

I also wanted to reach an under-served audience. We still hear songs like Led Boots on the radio; so there are still folks out there who like this music. This release has a lot to with the reverence and respect for the guys who made this music famous. If a few guys in their 20s and 30s can bring it to a grassroots audience, so much the better. That's how things get started. We need more musicians making music like this.

Most importantly, this is my first release and I wanted to begin with what I know best. Playing the drums."

Let There Be Drums! is available on all music platforms and on 10" vinyl.