Atlanta 7/21/2018 4:47:00 AM
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Atlanta Corporate Governance Attorney Discusses The LLC Formation Process

An Atlanta corporate governance attorney at KPPB Law recently released a blog explaining the benefits of hiring a corporate governance attorney to guide business owners through the LLC formation process. An LLC, or limited liability company, is a simpler version of a corporation that provides owners with some of the same tax benefits and protections from personal liability that larger corporations receive, as well as the autonomy typically found in partnerships.

Setting up a limited liability company can be a long, tedious process with many moving parts. Business owners are required to file articles of organization with state governmental departments, usually the Secretary of State. They may also want to complete an operating agreement and other documentation related to how the business will operate and divide profits. Navigating this process without legal help can result in denied paperwork and further problems in the future due to confusing, poorly-executed paperwork.

Business owners can select their LLC's name, determine the LLC's ownership structure and management structures, obtain a federal tax identification number, and even draft an operating agreement on their own. To prevent any missteps, however, an attorney should always review these decisions before they are made final. An attorney should also be selected as the registered agent who will receive legal papers on behalf of an LLC, file the paperwork that will officially organize your LLC, and review or create the operating agreement. Enlisting a professional attorney who is familiar with the LLC creation process will ensure that it will be completed correctly and that your LLC's official introduction will not be delayed. It can be beneficial to retain an attorney to quickly assist in any legal matters that occur over the lifetime of your LLC as well.

Nikhil R. Prabhu is an Atlanta corporate governance attorney with two decades of extensive experience in helping business owners establish their LLCs. His expertise also includes loan closings, real estate purchases and sales, and management of banking relationships for Fortune 500 companies. To speak with a corporate governance attorney for more information, contact Prabhu at 617-443-2226 or online at Prabhu's office is located at KPPB Law, 990 Hammond Drive NE, Suite 800, Atlanta, GA 30328.