Atlanta 7/26/2018 7:47:26 AM
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Atlanta Litigation Attorney Discusses Rights Of A Minority Shareholder

An Atlanta litigation attorney at KPPB Law, released a blog listing the rights of a minority shareholder within a C corporation. The blog begins by discussing what a C corporation is and the roles of a C corporation in the corporate world. It then defines what a minority shareholder is and what rights a minority shareholder is entitled to. The blog ends by discussing what to do when the rights of a minority shareholder are violated, primarily directing the reader to contact an Atlanta litigation attorney. The Atlanta litigation attorney hopes to educate people on the rights of a minority shareholder in order to avoid civil lawsuits against much larger corporations.

C corporations and minority shareholders play an integral role in the corporate world. C corporations are corporations that are taxed separately from its owners who hold the majority stock in the corporation. A minority shareholder, however, is the one who owns a portion of a company's stock that is not owned by the parent corporation. Usually the amount of stock a minority shareholder owns is less than 50%, otherwise this shareholder will no longer qualify as a minority shareholder.

A minority shareholder is granted several rights that both they and the C corporation should understand. One of which is the right to dissent if a C corporation's governing documents which directly concerns the shareholder rights of the minority. Another right allows the minority shareholder freedom to file a lawsuit should the board of directors not act in the best interests of the corporation. If a minority shareholder is feeling oppressed, financially mistreated, or that their rights are generally being violated, the blog urges this shareholder to contact a reputable and qualified litigation attorney to handle their concerns.

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