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Findit, Inc. Owner of Findit.com Brings on Brand Ambassador Calvin Corzine aka @calvmonster on Findit and Instagram and @calvincorzineyoga on Facebook

Findit, Inc., a Nevada Corporation and owner of Findit.com, has brought on Brand Ambassador Calvin Corzine aka @calvmonster on Findit and Instagram and @calvincorzineyoga on Facebook.

Calvin Corzine is a highly trained Yoga Instructor in Los Angeles, California. He currently teaches at YogaWorks (YOGA) in Santa Monica, California as well as an online course at www.alomoves.com. Calvin has developed a strong following among students in the Los Angeles area teaching at YogaWorks; his classes often have 50+ students taking his Vinyasa Flow Classes Level 2 and Level 2-3 along with Yin classes.

The addition of Calvin as a brand ambassador to Findit was based on the number of followers @calvmonster has on Instagram and his presence on Facebook, along with his knowledge of social media.

Calvin has a vibrant personality that appeals to a wide demographic of people that he gets to share his knowledge of health and wellness with on a daily basis. With his followers on Instagram now over 30,000, Findit recognized the opportunity to bring Calvin onto the Findit team to appeal to those same like minded people around the world through his posts on Findit. Calvin, like other Findit members, can utilize his Findit site to reach more individuals with his social posts through Findit Right Now and reach people that may not follow him currently on Instagram or Facebook or that do follow him, but want to share his posts to other social sites but are limited to Facebook and Instagram. By having Calvin posting several times each week through his www.Findit.com/calvmonster site, Findit is having more visitors come to Calvin's posts and share those from Findit which in turn creates brand awareness for Findit which we are hopeful will bring on new members to Findit that will want to post through Findit like calvmonster to reach a wider audience. 

Peter Tosto of Findit stated "Findit has a clear objective to provide our members with a turnkey platform where each member can have their very own unique Vanity URL Findit address and the content verticals they need to have their own site inside of Findit. Here, they can post the content that they want search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) to crawl and index and have that same content shared from their Findit site to other social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google + and more). By bringing on Calvin, his posts can show others that may not know about Findit that it in fact does provide the tools and platform needed to achieve the goals of reaching more people and indexing more in search engines and being shared more by others to their social accounts."

Since Calvin has joined Findit and has been posting we have been seeing his posts being shared to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIN, Tumblr and more along with being indexed in Google. This has helped us to show other members on Instagram that also have thousands of followers the results Findit can provide and in essence we have had some of these individuals join Findit and post their content.

We have experienced an improvement in our Alexa Ranking, since June 10th, Findit's global rank improved 44,082 positions through July 24th 2018. Our U.S. ranking has also improved to 25,464. These numbers are provided by Alexa which is owned by Amazon. The data is comprised by people who have downloaded the Alexa toolbar to their computers.

Other individuals that have been actively posting to Findit that have thousand of followers on Instagram are:

Regan Patterson, www.findit.com/ReganPatterson and www.instagram.com/regan_patterson (22.9k followers)

Lindsay Valentine, www.findit.com/The-Wellness-Valentine and www.instagram.com/TheWelllnessValentine (1164 followers),

Ryan Cassata, www.findit.com/RyanCassata and www.instagram.com/ryancassata (58.4k followers).

Chef Paul Gerard, www.findit.com/Chef-Paul-Gerard and www.instagram.com/chefpaulgerard2 (1100 followers)

Clark St. Amant of Findit stated, “We know there are many people like Calvin Corzine and Ryan Cassata who are, in their own right, their own brand. Findit provides them with a tremendous content management platform to post all the content they want people to see and share about them along with having this same content indexed in search engines for more people to come across that otherwise would not unless they were following them.”

Findit provides members the ability to reach more people organically. Findit does not have a gate keeper, a fence or a wall around our site; we truly are an open platform that allows non-members to see the content members post without joining and still have the option of sharing the content they view to other social sites.

The benefits of setting up your Findit "site" are the following:

1. Findit content can be seen and shared by anyone
2. Findit content can be crawled by all search engines creating organic indexing in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
3. Findit provides every member the option of owning their own Unique Vanity URL address for only $79.00 a year to market their brand and destination the same way they would a website at a fraction of the cost with tangible results.

Instead of thinking you need a Wordpress, Wix or Squarespace site that you need to purchase a theme for, pay monthly hosting fees, purchase a domain, and then build it out, you can set up a Findit site free, have all the tools ready for you to add your content to, pay zero hosting fees and if you want you can purchase a vanity URL for $79.00 per year or get Findit Prime for $99.00 and get additional services to help reach more people. Findit Prime includes one Vanity URL, 4 press releases that we distribute through Findit and our other press release sites, unlimited url web pages submitted for indexing into the Findit search engine and one free Findit promoted social networking post.

To set up your free Findit "site" go to Findit.com to reserve your Findit Vanity URL address go to  https://www.findit.com/Home/Keywords

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