Cincinnati 8/1/2018 1:10:12 AM
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Private Cincinnati Electrical Contractor Uses Business Owner Advisor to Sell Company

$3 million Cincinnati electrical contractor sells to $80 million Regional Buyer with 5 locations in Ohio

Four million private companies stand to change hands over the next twenty years as baby boomers continue to retire ... it's estimated that 75% of these owners do not have a successor.

Many owners will decide to sell to a qualified buyer on the outside to cash out.  Business Owner Advisors who provide services that help you Sell Your Company will be in high demand.  Typically, a trusted advisor will introduce you to owners of companies in your same or related business and lead the valuation, negotiation and close.

Geers Consulting has been among the most trusted Business Owner Advisors for over fifteen years ... representing all kinds of manufacturing, distribution and services companies in and around the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region. 

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"What differentiates us is our ability to dig in, understand what makes your company valuable, negotiate price and look out for your people.  When your company is sold you will feel good that it is in good hands with a capable buyer." according to Michael Geers, Managing Member.

Geers Consulting was hired because the owner did not have a successor.  Michael Geers introduced the owner to Area Electric and provided leadership and advice throughout the process including valuation, transaction structure, negotiation and close.  Area Electric generates $80 million in sales through its five locations in Ohio. Area bought the company to grow its business in Southwest Ohio.