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New Order Fulfillment Services Website Makes Business Shipping Easy

Online merchants already have plenty of aspects of their business to juggle with a majority of their focus on product development, customer service, and marketing. Many choose to outsource the complexities of logistics management, allowing them to focus on the rest of their business and leave order fulfillment to trusted companies like

According to a comparison by, was ranked #1 for order fulfillment services above Amazon and Shipwire. This was based upon three key factors: lower costs, integration with all major e-commerce platforms, and the best customer service for business owners.

Fulfillment Specialists Help Customers with Inventory & Shipment Management Online

An advantageous feature for small businesses using is the access to a dedicated fulfillment specialist that will help them create an account on this new website, manage online inventory and shipping, integrate their shopping cart or CRM, facilitate product returns, and assist with use of the cloud-based dashboard that oversees all of these functions.

Cloud-Based, Order Management Platform for E-Commerce Fulfillment

In an effort to be the number one e-commerce fulfillment service provider, has developed a unique, cloud-based order management system that keeps businesses up-to-date on details surrounding order fulfillment.

This online platform offers 24/7 access to an account for:

Monitoring inventory in real time

- Viewing and verifying fulfillment and postage fees
- Validating addresses
- Predicting product depletion and re-order dates
- Accessing a full suite of reporting tools will pass a shipping status along with a related tracking number to their clients' CRM, creating a convenient customer experience. The platform integrates with most popular shopping carts and e-commerce platforms and creates a high level of service automation.

About handles every aspect of order fulfillment conveniently on their brand-new website with a user-friendly dashboard to help grow businesses. With an assurance that products are securely stocked at strategically located facilities, plus correct picking, packing, and shipping, as well as management of the entire return process, clients enjoy peace of mind knowing their orders are taken care of.

Learn more about's cloud-based order management system or request a free quote for your business on order fulfillment and logistics management services.


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