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North Carolina Raw Land Construction Loans Are Provided By Harbor Private Equity

North Carolina developers that are looking to purchase land and start construction may find that getting traditional financing for their raw land is difficult. Most traditional financing venues provide funding on the basis of collateral, however, with a raw land purchase there is nothing but the land. When traditional financing hasn’t worked for you for your raw land loan in North Carolina, be sure to call Harbor Private Equity at 404-965-3625.

Raw land loans are often more complicated and complex than traditional real estate loans which often results in borrowers not being able to get approved through traditional financing venues. At Harbor Private Equity, we understand your unique situation and will work with you to help you get approved.

While hard money lending in North Carolina on raw land loan often comes with a higher interest rate, hard money loans are great for short term projects where the borrower is intending to develop the property and then sell it. We have competitive rates on hard money loans in North Carolina and can help you get approved today.

Call Harbor Private Equity today for raw land construction loans in North Carolina by calling 404-965-3625. Our experienced hard money lenders know and understand the situation that you are in and we will work quickly to get you approved for the raw land loan that you need.