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Year Round Denver NC Concrete Pool Builder CPC Pools Is The Superior Pool Builder In North Carolina

Carolina Pool Consultants handles new pool construction throughout North Carolina, and as the superior Denver NC concrete pool builder, we’re proud to serve your family year round. We build out custom concrete dream pools, making your dreams of a backyard pool paradise into reality.

We always encourage all of our customers to build with concrete rather than fiberglass or vinyl- concrete pools have the lowest overall lifespan cost, and can be customized to any shape or design that you can imagine.

When considering a fiberglass pool, consider the following: fiberglass pools are made from molds, which immediately limit their designs and any additions. Furthermore, as they’re transported from the manufacturer to your home they can develop hairline fractures that aren’t immediately apparent, and may not be discovered until the pool is set into the ground. Beyond the repair costs, the pure lack of custom options often drive our Denver NC superior pool builders to suggest building with concrete.

Vinyl pools come with built in recurring expenses in the form of vinyl liner replacements. Every 3-8 years a vinyl liner must be replaced, and at a cost of $4000 including water replacement, these costs quickly add up. Vinyl pool liners are extremely prone to puncture, and can be damaged by the very tools used to clean them- while vinyl pools have the lowest entry cost, they end up having the highest lifetime cost of any pool.

Our Denver North Carolina year round pool builders at CPC Pools can help your family save with new pool financing through our friends at Lyon’s Bank. Be sure to speak with our staff about your wants, and what features you always dreamed your pool could have- we look forward to making those dreams into a reality.