Fairfax 9/11/2018 8:29:40 AM
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NOVA Pet Sitting Firm Educates On House Plants Poisonous For Cats

Paw Pals, a Northern Virginia pet sitting firm, recently published a blog post explaining the dangers of house plants that are poisonous to cats. According to the Fairfax cat sitting company, many pet owners may have plants within their homes that they do not realize pose a danger to their pets.

Plants can pose a serious risk to your cats. In addition to presenting a potential choking hazard, several types of plants can cause internal harm if they are ingested. It is important to recognize poisonous plants and remove them from your home if you currently own any of these plant varieties.

There are several types of plants that cats should avoid. Azaleas, a common garden plant that pet owners may want to bring inside to brighten up a table, can cause oral irritation, vomiting, and even death if accidentally eaten by a cat. Daffodils can cause similar problems, including a drop in blood pressure and convulsions. Diffenbachia, also known as dumb cane, is a plant with large, green leaves bordered by light green. This common house plant can cause a burning sensation in your cat's mouth as well as difficulty swallowing. If your cat eats a tulip by accident, they may experience nausea and drooling. Lilies, another flower commonly found in indoor arrangements, can cause severe kidney failure. Even the pollen on these plants can be extremely dangerous, and it is best to completely remove them from your home. If you have any of these plants in your home, consider removing them entirely for the safety of your pet.

Paw Pals' professional cat sitters are trained to recognize harmful plants. They also know what to do if a cat under their care accidentally manages to eat part of a dangerous plant and can notify owners right away of any potential health problems. Paw Pals provides a variety of services, including playtime, brushing, litter box cleaning, administering medications, feeding, and even cat supply pickup to ensure that your cat is safe and happy while you are away.

For more information, contact Paw Pals at 703-345-1695 or online at https://www.localpawpals.com. The agency is headquartered at 14001-C Saint Germain Drive #213, Centreville, VA 20121.