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Texas Raw Land Construction Loans From Harbor Private Equity Help Developers Finance Their Development Project

Real estate developers looking for financing on raw land in Texas rely on Harbor Private Equity, experienced hard money lenders in Texas. We specialize in raw land construction loans in Texas and work with developers to help them get approved so they can break ground on their new project. When traditional financing won’t work for your specific situation, rely on the expert hard money lenders at Harbor Private Equity, call 404-965-3625.

Traditional mortgages and convention financing are often not available to raw land developers because the loan is based off of a structure that does not yet exist. Banks will often want substantial collateral for construction loans and when you are looking to purchase raw land, the bank does not want to be left with a plot of land they can’t sell if the borrower decides to walk away from the property and loan.

We understand the unique situation that you are in and want to help you get approved for the financing that you need for your raw land construction loan in Texas. Construction loans for raw land are typically paid off at the end of construction upon completion of your development when you refinance your loan now with collateral to pay back your hard money loan. Hard money loans typically have a higher interest rate than traditional loans but are great for construction and development.

Contact Harbor Private Equity today to start your application for your raw land construction loan in Texas. When you have failed to get approved using conventional methods are experienced hard money lenders will help you get the financing that you need. Give us a call today at 404-965-3625 for more information.