Rockville 9/18/2018 4:56:56 AM
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Maryland In-Home Care Agency Releases Elderly Mobility Assessment

Comfort Home Care, a Maryland in-home care agency, released a guide for people whose elderly loved ones may have difficulty with their mobility. As people age, completing daily tasks may be more of a challenge than before due to this limitation, and it may be helpful to employ Maryland in-home caregivers to help them maintain their independence.

If you have an elderly loved one, it is important to carefully monitor their mobility. Doing so can help you better understand their needs and help them make the changes necessary to maintain their quality of life. Being aware of the limitations on your loved ones' mobility can also help prevent frustration or even injury in the future.

There are several ways to assess your loved ones' mobility. If they use a cane or a walker, their mobility may already be limited. Other factors to look out for are their ability to get into and out of their bed and the shower, getting on and off the toilet, and walking down stairs. Mobility in the hands and arms can also be affected with old age. Signs of limited mobility in this area can include difficulty holding items or spilling food or drinks while eating. These signs are all generally easy to spot, and if you notice a change in your loved ones' ability to complete these daily tasks, it may be time to seek help from an in-home care agency.

Speak with an in-home care agency for more information and guidance on whether your elderly loved one may need in-home care. Comfort Home Care's certified nursing assistants and geriatric nursing assistants are certified, caring, and skilled people who can help the elderly remain in their homes while receiving the care and support they need. These assistants provide help with daily activities, such as eating, dressing, exercising, and transportation to appointments, through customized plans designed to meet each individual's needs. The agency can be contacted at 301-984-7681 or online at Comfort Home Care is headquartered at 121 Congressional Lane, Suite 201, Rockville, MD 20852 and serves clients in Montgomery, Howard, and Prince George's counties, as well as Washington D.C.