Los Angeles 9/18/2018 5:17:47 AM
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California Entertainment Insurance Firm Discuss Staging & Rigging Insurance

MFE Insurance, a California entertainment insurance firm, recently released a blog post explaining the importance of staging & rigging insurance. This type of insurance covers issues related to the stage and other equipment used during a performance or while setting up and taking down related equipment.

Staging & rigging insurance covers a wide range of equipment, people, and situations, including audio equipment, light rigging, pyrotechnic shows, stage setup and take down, firework companies, audio technicians, speaker rigging, sound engineers, amusement park designs, and theater companies. Having this insurance can help pay for medical bills, lawsuits, and damage to the equipment in the event of a problem. Not having the proper insurance could cause significant financial and emotional distress and put the production company or production itself in danger of closing.

There are several types of staging & rigging insurance available. General liability insurance protects you and your company from claims of injury and property damage that may occur while an event is being set up. Inland marine insurance, meanwhile, protects portable equipment -- such as cameras and speakers -- that is damaged while being used or transported. Errors & omissions insurance covers financial losses resulting from errors made while staging & rigging a show, while travel accident insurance can help for travel-related incidents while transporting employees. Commercial auto insurance, workers compensation insurance, and cyber liability insurance may also be useful to operators. These types of insurance can be combined to provide companies with a comprehensive protection plan that helps pay for a wide variety of potential concerns during the staging of a production.

Speak to a professional entertainment insurance broker for more information about how you can acquire staging & rigging insurance for your latest production. MFE Insurance Brokers is a Los Angeles-based agency with extensive experience in helping companies across the country obtain the insurance they need to operate safely. The firm works with each client to develop customized, comprehensive packages that provide coverage and peace of mind for any event, from concerts and festivals to movie productions and plays. MFE Insurance Brokers can be contacted at 213-266-7990 or online at https://www.mfeinsurance.com.