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Florida Raw Land Hard Money Loans Are Provided By Harbor Private Equity

Harbor Private Equity offers fast approval on raw land hard money loans in Florida for developers that are looking to break ground on their project. Often times, developers will have a difficult time getting approved for financing because banks and other conventional loans will want collateral should the borrower walk from the property. Discuss your needs with Harbor Private Equity today and apply for your Florida raw land hard money loan with us, call 404-965-3625 for more information.

We understand the unique situation that you are in and will help you get approved for the financing that you need. Hard money loans are great for raw land construction because typically these types of loans are short term loans. And, while hard money loans do typically come with a higher interest rate that conventional financing, we can get you approved quickly if you are looking to have an immediate closing that is just around the corner.

Our group of private investors specializes in raw land loans and understand that developers are borrowing on undeveloped land. We will review your specific circumstances and help you get approved quickly for the financing that you need. Schedule your raw land hard money loan consultation in Florida with us by calling us today.

The principals at Harbor Private Equity have over 75 years experience in the commercial hard money marketplace, making us the trusted choice for funding your deal. No deal that makes sense is beyond our abilities and our rates begin at 9.9% with only two points. Give us a call today for more information at 404-965-3625.