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New York Student Debt Counselors at Freedom Loan Resolution Services Help Students Apply For Student Loan Forgiveness

New York students that are struggling to make ends meet and pay off their student loans may be eligible for various types of student loan forgiveness programs, income based payment plans, or loan consolidation. At Freedom Loan Resolution, we understand that your situation can be stressful and know that we are here to help you understand which option or program is best for you. Contact our New York student debt counselors today at 888-780-6225 and start your student loan forgiveness applications with us.

There are numerous programs available to eligible students here in the state of New York for student loan forgiveness. Each case is different so be sure to call our student loan counselors in New York but depending on your situation, you may be eligible for: student loan forgiveness, income based payment plans, or you can consolidate your loans.

Student loan forgiveness programs offer principal reduction, student loan forgiveness, or complete loan discharge. In many cases, you could have all of your student loans wiped away!

Income based payment plans are based on your income and family size and in many situations your monthly payment on your student debt could be as low as $0.00.

Federal student loan consolidation takes all of your student loans from various lenders and consolidates them into one loan with one lender and one monthly payment, helping you better manage your finances each month

Contact Freedom Loan Resolution Services today and speak with our New York student debt counselors by calling us at 888-780-6225. We look forward to helping you get on the right path towards a better financial future.