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Scentsy Offers “Fragrance by Scent Family” at Affordable Price

Scentsy Offers “Fragrance by Scent Family” at Affordable Price

As a leading company in manufacturing Scentsy scent, Scentsy offer 95 scents to set those memories free! Explore their scentsy home fragrance and share your story, your way. They work closely with the world's leading fragrance companies to create premium-quality standard-setting products.

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When asked about their Scentsy journey, the spokesperson replied "On January 12, 2010 I decided I wanted a Scentsy warmer for my house after smelling how wonderful my mom's house smelled all the time. She had a warmer for over a year, but I was never really interested in it. So, I asked my dad where he had purchased her warmer from and he told me from a random lady that sold one to him and my uncleI decided to go straight to the Scentsy website and purchase one only to find out that you must order from a consultant. The very next day, January 13, 2010, an old friend from high school put up a post on Facebook about a new business she started selling Scentsy!

Now they make approximately 200,000 Scentsy Wax Bars per day, and we're continually testing new fragrances to offer our customers.

When asked about her successful Scentsy journey she continued "This was truly God's first intervention because I had already given up on ever getting a warmer! I sent her a message and she started telling me about the amazing opportunity so I called my sister and asked her if she would join the company with me. She was very hesitant because she had sold Avon and never made any money so she didn't want to get into that again. I kept talking to her and finally convinced her to just give it a try and we both signed up to be consultants that same day."

From the colors of freshly fallen leaves to the spooky celebrations and Scentsy's harvest collection scents with tells our family, friendship and a deep sense of purpose!

She also continued, "Scentsy is something that I would never imagined I would be doing in my life. But, it has come at the perfect time! Not only am I making GREAT money, but I am able to take my family on AMAZING trips paid for by the company! If you think you would be interested in know about our scentsy home body products feel free to contact me," concluded the spokesperson of Scentsy.

Find a new fragrance to love and buy scentsy scent from scentsy. Like all of us, fragrances can be broken down into their own categories or family.

About scentsy:

Scentsy is the leading scentsy scent marketing firm, which deliver inspiring scent solutions to help our clients differentiate their brand on an emotional level. Their fragrances are truly unique, which made exclusively in state-of-the-art facility in Meridian, Idaho. They offer fragrance by scent family which composed of citrus notes such as mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit and lemon.

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