NYC 11/9/2018 2:12:38 AM
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Tony Carlucci and Dynamic Destony Releases New LP "A New Day"

Dynamic Destony has just released their hard hitting, exciting and energetic LP called "A New Day"

Dynamic Destony has just released their hard-hitting, exciting and energetic LP called "A New Day" which is available on all digital platforms.

This latest offering takes you on a high-energy journey of electronic dance fused rhythms, which are sure to get you moving to the beat. Listed on the album is also 'A New Day' song- The fast paced dance tune has glimpses of euro-pop dance, infused into a pumping beat. It also features strong prominent, impressive vocals, on both parts (Rosanna and Tony).

When listening to the new LP, you can hear a mixture of different dance eras of music. Not only that, other influences are often introduced too- 80's styles can often be heard, amongst trance hints, combined with harder techno beats too.

"A NEW DAY" is an LP which is sure to excite any house music fan. Its blend of styles and genres takes you on a journey into the depths of trance & EDM music. We feel it could also catch the attention and be appealing to those new to the scene too.

選 was Made For Loving You' has more of an 80's influence and includes a scorching electric guitar solo, the mixture is quite broad, yet it still possesses a fast dance vibe. Dynamic Destony has definitely put their own stamp on that remix. That's not the only track to feature guitar either, Burning Up The Dance Floor has a funky blues type sound, put together with a fast moving beat.

Striking a great balance, The LP manages to deliver hard beats, yet doesn't leave you tired. Infused into the whole project, its balanced nicely with popular samples of music, instantly familiar to your ears. In a way this counter-balances the heavier parts, giving a great high energy feel.

The 'A New Day LP' should appeal to a wide range of music fans, because it showcases many different styles and genres and it's mixed into a popular dance style. There's also a diversity of speed on the album too, with a slower ballad called Stars In Your Eyes- This offers a good balance, with a slower number. Whilst the song Orlando has a Spanish type of sound and style.


DynamicDestony is a group that makes energetic and pulsating electronic dance music. They cover all styles of dance music and fuse it into their own unique sound.

When you delve a little more into Tony Carlucci's background, you can see that he boasts a wide range of credentials, not only in music but other artistic avenues too; this surely accounts to his impressive ability to create his own music productions, and sound.

Singer/Songwriter, Keyboardist, Saxophonist, Producer, Composer, Remixer and Actor, Tony Carlucci was born and raised in NewJersey and has been creating music since the age of 3. Tony's wide range of musical performance and knowledge allow his original songs to be heard in various genres and styles. Tony is an ASCAP Member and SongWriter's Hall Of Fame Member. He has won the ASCAP PLUS Songwriting Award for the last nine years.