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CPC Pools Is Denver NC Superior Year Round Pool Builder

Carolina Pool Consultants are proud to be the superior year round pool builder for Denver North Carolina and the surrounding areas. For years we’ve been bringing your dream pool ideas to life with custom concrete gunite pool builds that remain family gathering points for decades to come. Reach out to our staff today and see how we can help you save on new pool construction through financing with our friends at Lyon’s Bank.

We always encourage our customers to build with concrete, rather than deciding to build a vinyl pool or fiberglass pool. While both do have an initially lower entry cost, both end up being by far less customizable and far more costly than a concrete pool.

Vinyl pools require their vinyl liner to be replaced every 3-8 years, and at an average of $4000, these hidden recurring costly quickly skyrocket- not only this, but the recurring costs devalue homes in the eyes of potential buyers with the knowledge that they’ll be burdened with the same expenses.

Our Denver NC year round pool builders never work with fiberglass pools- not only do they lack any real custom options, the constant maintenance and repairs often lead fiberglass pool owners to spend more time paying for their pool than enjoying it. Formed from a mold, fiberglass pools can develop hairline fissures in the shell as it’s transported from the manufacturer to your home- furthermore, these cracks often aren’t discernable until the pool is set and filled, leading to massive expenses.

When deciding on building a new pool, consult out CPC Pool technicians first, we’re a wealth of information and are happy to answer any and all questions you may have. We could not have become North Carolina’s best pool builder without you, and we’re honored to be your Denver NC superior year round pool builder.