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US Air Purifiers Has Holiday Promotions Going On Now To Help You Save Money and Enjoy Clean Air Everywhere

Homeowners and business owners that are looking to invest in a quality air purification system can access Thanksgiving Specials and Black Friday Deals right now. The Airfare Iris 3000 is 40% Off through November 26 and Airpura models are discounted $50 on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Airpura purchases also come with a free set of prefilters now through December 17.

Air Free Iris 3000 Quick Facts
- Color Changing Night Light
- Maintenance Free
- Silent
- Coverage of 650 Sq FT
- Patented Thermodynamic (TSS) Technology
- Destroys Mold, Allergens, Dust Mites, Bacteria, Birus, Pollens, Pet Dander and more

Airfree’s exclusive technology is completely silent and does not require any filters or maintenance. Just plug it in and let it do the job. Airfree’s awarded design perfectly fits your home decor.

Airpura Air Purifiers Quick Facts
- Coverage 2000 sq ft
- 2 Air Changes Per Hour
- Simplified Design with Unobstructed Air Flow
- Powerful Systems with Variable Fan Speeds
- Pressure Sealed Filter Chambers
- Combination of True HEPA and Activated Carbon with UV Options

Airpura offers top quality air purification systems that have been specially assembled to meet specific needs. Property owners looking to improve air quality in their home or business have a wide selection of air purifiers that can handle airborne chemicals, chemical absorption, micro-organisms such as germ and mold, tobacco smoke, cigar smoke, those with allergies and asthma, healthcare systems and more. This allows homeowners with specific allergy needs or air purification needs to get an air purifier that was built to handle their specific problem.

Enjoy healthy, cleaner air at home or work with top quality air purifiers from US Air Purifiers. Now is a great time to purchase your next air purifier thanks to our holiday promotions. Call us today to find out more or get assistance with your order, 888-231-1463.