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Matthew Odgers is Featured on the Cover of San Diego Attorney Journal as “Attorney of the Month”

Matthew Odgers is Featured on the Cover of San Diego Attorney Journal as “Attorney of the Month”

Matthew Odgers, one of San Diego's best attorneys handles business and corporate transactional work for businesses in many industries. Of those industries, his practice is focused intensely on healthcare professionals with an emphasis on medical and dental practice transitions, professional corporations, physician and dental associate agreements, physician groups, medical and dental partnerships, health care office leases, health care services organizations, and more.


When asked about his service, "I like working with doctors. They are smart, and they help people, I have a great deal of respect for the work they do. There are complex issues that regularly arise within private practice. It makes my job so much easier when I am working closely with a smart client who understands those complexities and is able to implement the solutions that I create," replied Odgers.

He is now featured on the cover of San Diego Attorney Journal as the Attorney of the Month. Odgers Law Group is solely a transactional business and estate planning law firm and outsources all litigation matters.

"Achieving and living a balanced life takes directness, grace, and creativity. It requires taking a step back and looking at the big picture, and that means balancing work with a good life outside of the office," said Odgers, when asked about his success.

His balance between the work and personal life has given him the peace of mind and drive to keep moving forward in a dramatically changing legal environment.

As a leading San Diego estate planning attorney, Matthew Odgers has also founded "Protecting Those Who Protect," which provides pro bono estate planning services for active duty and retired military members.

"I believe in taking a proactive approach, not a negative one. I get to think through all of the possible negative outcomes, and then craft a plan around them. I get to evaluate risk and come up with solutions to reduce or eliminate that risk," he shared about his experience as a transactional lawyer.

The statement "From Confusion to Clarity for Dentists and Physicians" represents that Attorney Matthew Odgers is a deal maker and not the deal breaker. Since he is experienced in the dental and medical transaction, he is able to identify potential deal killers early on. He relies on his vast experience to craft unique solutions that works for all parties.

About Odgers Law Group:

As an experienced dental law, health care law, estate planning, and business attorney in San Diego, Matthew Odgers has been helping families, healthcare professionals in both the dental and medical fields with an emphasis on practice transitions, employment agreements, office leases, practice compliance, dispute resolution, and estate planning.